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It has become indispensible for scholars and scientists to share their knowledge and present their achievements thus adding their share to the never-ending scientific progress. However, to fully present the idea, make everyone familiar with the problem as well as the solution, one often would need more time than one could spare. This is why it is so important to maximally fascilitate communication between the audience and the speaker. Trying to help you to face this problem we prepared a service of an interactive conference session based on wireless voting systems.

Our solution allows to engage the audience in the conference. Allowing them to voice their opinion, the reader becomes more of a side in a dialogue between himself and the listeners, and the event feels more dynamic.


It has been scientifically prooven that a meeting by taking the form of an interactive session is:

  • easy to engage in by the listeners;
  • more effective in presenting information;

Behavioural model:

The effectiveness of an interactive session is based on the theory of interpersonal communication. As the theory puts it, using additional channels of communication between speaker and listener empowers the message. Additionally, feedback in conversation acts as a positive stimulus for understanding the matter of the problem.

Practical application:

Necessary equipment is fitted in the hall and along with visual system (i.e. multimedia projector) is connected to the main computer. Each participant receives a voting device (remote controller) which they can use for voicing their opinion. During the session a speaker asks question relating to the lecture and provides a few possible answers to each of them. By clicking adequate button on their remotes each person from the audience chooses their answer. When the voting is completed results are displayed and commented on by the speaker.

One voting procedure lasts for approximately 20 seconds, depending on the level of difficuilty of the question and number of participants.


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