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The key to succeed in this kind of event is to acheive close contact with the customer. Knowing their preferences allows adjusting the product to their needs. Asking questions shows interest and care about the client. Building this conviction gives start to close and long-lasting relations. But the problem arises when its not one client that we deal with at a time, but few hundereds. And each one should feel special.

To meet this challenge we suggest that the next promotional event is an interactive meeting, with each guest actively participating and voicing their opinion. We can help you get the answers from all of them just as if you were asking each guest individually. Using the option of grouping respondents will allow you to know each guest's answers separately.

An interactive session is still novelity and can be used to attract guests' attention. It is an excellent tool that along with adequate audio-visual aids helps to organise events similar to well known television shows, where its participants struggle to win attractive prizes.


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