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This service is especially designed for use in any kind of stands during trade fairs and exhibitions. Fairs are one of the most important means of promotion and building the image of a company and its products. Attracting passers-by's attention is the key to success in this kind of venture. To make your stand attract atention we offer you a complex service of an interactive quiz or game. Not only can it be used to entertain, but also be a source of information about your product or company.

Practical application:

Equipment is fitted in your stand to serve usually 6 to 8 people (groups of people) - these numbers are not limits, though. Each person taking part in the game has in disposition a remote control. Questions are displayed on the screen accompanied by sets of possible answers. Participants respond using their remotes, for correct answer beeing awarded one point. The person with highest score becomes winner.

Ususally, each turn consists of about 7 questions. Each question has 5 different answers, the host of the game can read them out and comment on the scores. There is also an option of a team game, in which case instead of 8 people individually - there are two groups of 4 people taking part in the game.

Interactivity and efficiency:

  • The participants by answering questions about the company or its products actively assimilate knowledge contained in the questions.
  • The host can easily attract attention of the audience to more important aspects and give more detailed descriptions by giving proper comments to questions and answers.
  • When answering focus is on the question. Trying to understand and memorize it the participants learn facts about the company and its products.

Question: The product in offer has not only low price, causes no side effects and does not interact with others, but also has high efficiency in lowering blood sugar level as quick as after:

  1. 12h
  2. 3h
  3. 2h
  4. 15min

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