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We came up with this product to meet the needs of TV producers willing to engage the studio audience in their projects. Many contemporary TV shows are based upon the interaction between the program's participants and the spectators in the studio. And opinions and judgements of the latter group often become main power leading the show.

Wireless voting system allows to gather opinion of the viewers in the studio. To enable each person to actively take part in the show and have their call they are handed a remote control. Answering a question as simple as changing channels in a TV set and boils down to choosing one answer from a given set and pressing button with corresponding number.

Practical application:

Each person from the audience receives a remote. To vote they first choose one answer from the possible set of answers given by the programme's host. By pressing appropriate button on the remote their vote is sent over an infrared link to receiver and registered by the computer. When voting is over, the results are displayed on a screen.


  • speed: the system can count all votes in 5 seconds.
  • mobility: wireless infrared technology allows that the equipment be mounted quickly without any cables in the audience area.
  • security: the system will not allow to answer twice to the same question.
  • precision: the system keeps track of the number of answers given thus revealing the number of participants who have not answered. Each remote control has a unique number so the answers can be recorded individually - whether they answered or not and what were their answers.
The viewers can also be split into two groups and each individual assigned to one of them.


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