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How to prepare an interactive speech?

The first question you need to ask yourself is "What do you need our system for?"

Below there are few scenarios that you might find useful.

  1. Warm up. You can start your lecture with few questions:
    • relating to the subject of the talk so as to make the results of the first voting a point of departure for further performance.
    • general, not strictly connected with discussed subject. They are aimed at attracting audence's attention and encouraging them to actively participate in later stages of the presentation.
  2. Interacive speech. Questions strictly relate to the subject. They are displayed on the screen as well as read out by the lecturer so that viewers have an impression of influencing the flow of the lecture. In reality it allows the performer to better understand the audience and alter the flow of the lecture to satisfy their needs during the speech.
  3. Sum up. In this case voting is a final stage of the presentation. Questions generally relate to main points made during speech and try to close the whole material in a nutshel. Results reveal how much of the information actually reached the listeners. The most efficient scenarios here seem to be quizzes and competitions where winners are presented with gadgets of the host.

Writing questions:

There are few as important as seemingly obvious rules that one should keep in mind when writing questions:

  • questions should have a direct form. For example, a good question querying how many students are present should be "Are you a student?".
  • Think of 3 up to 5 answers for each question. Your audience will respond by choosing one of them. They should not only be precise but also reflect possibly widest range of opinions.
  • Answering each question takes from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on the number of participants and level of difficuilty. Take it into account when plannig time frames for presentation.
  • We will accept questions as Microsoft Word document or text file. Before each question write its number. If there is one correct answer mark it in the following way:

    Q1: Who are you?

    1. Woman
    2. Man
    3. Not sure yet

    Q2. (?) ?
    1. (?)
    2. (?)
    3. (?)
    Correct: 3


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