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What an organizer should know when preparing an interactive event:

Technical requirements:

  1. Infrared should be allowed to see the hall where the meeting will be held 7 days before the event.,
  2. During voting sessions all other equipment operating in infrared frequencies should be switched off.
  3. Infrared must be allowed to enter the conference hall at least 1.5 hour before beginning of the event to install neccessary equipment.
  4. Three electrical sockets 230V and one vision input socket (VGA) are required.
  5. If the event requires additional audio background a proper terminal must be provided (audio jack socket).

Conference schedule

  1. Handing out the remotes can be done it two ways:
    • remotes are handed to each person entering the hall:
      • exact number of operating pilots is given - implies that all participants are outside the hall before the session;
    • remotes can be placed on each seat.
  2. Time needed to vote over one question is:
    • 10 seconds for reading out the question;
    • 30 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on the level of difficuilty for thinking and answering
  3. We advise not to ask more than 7 questions during a hour-long session. This gives a feeling of active participation in the speech and doesn't get boring because of constant pressing the buttons.
  4. When the session in finished, the remotes can be either collected at the entrance or guest can leave them on the chairs.

Preparation of an interactive session:

  1. We encourage you to spread questins over the time of the presentation and use them as a relaxing break from idle listening.
  2. If not necessary, cummulative questioning at the end of the presentation should be avoided.
  3. It is a good idea for the host to comment on every result after voting. Only then is the audience confident that their opinions matter.


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